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Gîte 'La Bergerie'
05310 Champcella   France
Tel.& fax; (00.33).
E-mail; info@gite-labergerie.com


The guesthouse ‘La Bergerie’ is situated in the small mountain village of Champcella, about 20 km south of Briançon in the French Alps. The village is in one of the most beautiful and sunniest areas, in the south-east of France. ‘La Bergerie’ was built in 1667 as a farmhouse, and served as such for many years. The shepherds and their sheep left quite some time ago; the hospitality and the sphere of the house, are reminders of this bygone age. The facilities and comforts of our time have been added. ‘La Bergerie’ can have 14 guests.

The host and hostess are a Dutch couple who will assist and advise you during your stay. The spacious bedrooms are for 2 or 4 occupants. The house has four showers and three toilets. Each bedroom has its own wash basin. The rooms allow for sufficient privacy. Each room has a balcony or window with a view of the mountains.

There are various places in and around the guesthouse where you can relax with a book or a good glass of wine; by the fireplace, by the stream, in the shade of a tree in the garden or at the table in the living room.

You won’t find a bustling tourist centre with disco’s in the village. What we do have is a hospitable house where you will quickly feel at home. Champcella has about 150 inhabitants which guarantees peace and quiet. Due to where Champcella is situated, on a sunny plateau, it is called ‘the balcony Champcella’ you have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains by day and a spectacular view of the stars at night.